WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WETM) — On Dec. 30, Bill Yessman served his last day as sheriff of Schuyler County after 16 years of service.

Yessman worked in the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office for more than 36 years. According to the New York Sheriff’s Association, Sheriff Yessman was promoted to Sergeant in 1991. Five years later, he was promoted to Lieutenant. He became Sheriff Mike Maloney’s Undersheriff in 2001 and took on the additional responsibilities as Schuyler County STOP DWI Coordinator as well. He was elected Sheriff in 2006.

18 News sat down with Yessman who described his career as a “wild ride”.

“It’s time to go,” said Sheriff Yessman. “I still love my job and it’s hard to leave something that you love to do. I had my exit interview this morning. They gave me a sheet to fill out and it asked, ‘What did you like about your job?’ I said everything. ‘What did you dislike?’ Not much. There were not many days I didn’t like to come to work or want to come to work.”

Yessmann said he will miss his coworkers as they were like family.

“We’ve always looked out for everyone,” said Sheriff Yessman. “My predecessor, Mike Maloney, who was a sheriff for 32 years, told me, ‘You think of stuff that’s going on from the time you get up to the time you go to bed as sheriff.’ And he was right, and that won’t happen come tomorrow.”

His advice to his younger self? Listen to everybody. The command staff he worked with has over 60 years of experience. He is now sharing this advice with sheriff-elect Kevin Rumsey. He told Rumsey to always “do the right thing”.

“Don’t let somebody push you into doing something or pressure into something that you’re not comfortable doing,” said Sheriff Yessman. “That’s what I’ve always done. Listen to the people. If I could do what they wanted or some way that’s how we did things. It always worked out and it went well for me. I wish [Rumsey] a lot of luck.”

You can view our full interview with Sheriff Yessman below: