CANISTEO, N.Y. (WETM) — The Village of Canisteo has undergone an overhaul of its downtown district by improving numerous quality-of-life aspects for residents.

According to a release by the New York State Department of Transportation, an $8.6 million taxpayer-funded modernization and beautification project was recently completed in the village to improve tourism and resident well-being.

The project consisted of the paving of streets along state Route 36 and Route 248, the replacement of sidewalks, and the addition of 1,000 feet of new sidewalks, new crosswalk signs with flashing lights to improve pedestrian safety, a new parking lot, benches with electrical outlet access, picnic tables and other enhancements to the downtown area.

Local residents and business owners have already expressed their enjoyment of the new improvements. Hannah Davis, owner of The Brick House on Main Street, said that the project is good for the village and that it’s reimagining Canisteo’s true potential.

Downtown Canisteo displaying new walkways with pedestrian signs and flashing lights to alert traffic. Credit – New York State Department of Transportation.

“The buildings that have sat empty are now a booming business,” she said, “I mean, this building sat empty for a while, and we were able to do this and take pride in it,” she said. “The building next door is doing great,” she said, “Other companies are coming in, and a lot of it has to do with the exterior work,” she said.

Canisteo’s beautification project is the third time a project like this has been done in the Southern Tier after both Watkins Glen and Montour Falls had similar projects done to help elevate smaller communities.

Downtown Canisteo showing new light posts, benches, and new sidewalks after the completion of the beautification project. Credit – New York State Department of Transportation.