CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) — Corning’s Centerway Square has been voted as the number two Best Public Square in the country, according to USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice travel awards for 2023.

According to the report, nominees were chosen by a panel of relevant experts which include a combination of editors from USA TODAY. From there, public votes were taken over a four-week span to determine the rankings, with Centerway landing the number two spot.

This isn’t the first time Centerway Square has landed on the list, being named to the Top 10 multiple times in the past.

“Our square has historic charm paired with beautiful architecture with the clock tower as the centerpiece,” said Kevin Peterson, President of Explore Steuben. “It is where community and visitors mingle and a space that hosts popular annual events,” he said.

In a release from Explore Steuben, it says that towns like Corning are a testament to the past and a way to connect to bygone days.

It says that at the heart of a community built by neighbors who support each other and celebrate together, you find a town square that’s both integral and culturally significant. It continues by saying that around these squares you often find busy shops and restaurants, and a pulse of a community coming from them, similar to the relationship Centerway Square shares with Market Street.

“Even though we are a small city in population, being in the heart of our downtown, Centerway Square is an enchanting and wonderful experience,” said Coleen Fabrizi, Executive Director for Corning’s Gaffer District.

Centerway is considered a place for everyone, Fabrizi said, and it’s a place where old friends gather and where new friendships can begin.