CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y. (WETM) – The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office has put out a warning in regards to a current phone scam that is posing as one of their representatives.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, there is a current scam involving an individual who is posing as a Deputy or supervisor from the Sheriff’s Office over the phone. The caller is claiming that there is a warrant out for the individual’s arrest for failing to show up for Federal Grand Jury.

The caller then directs the individual to respond to a specific law enforcement agency to either turn themselves in or pay a cash bail. Other callers, including those living in Pennsylvania, have reported that they had received a voice message from an individual posing as a representative of the Sheriff’s Office, advising them that they have information about them and to call back.

The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office states that while it is not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to contact individuals over the phone for a variety of reasons, individuals should take a few steps to ensure their own safety. First, they should attempt to verify the validity of the call by doing research on the specific agency the officer claims to be from. They should also contact a verified number for that agency in an effort to speak to someone that can verify the validity of the phone call.

The Sheriff’s Office also urges individuals not to disclose personal information over the phone or send payment if requested to do so.