Cornell Law Professor answers some burning questions in regards to second impeachment

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With the House of Representatives impeaching President Trump a second time on Wednesday, many people are left with questions regarding the proceedings. 18 News spoke with Cornell Law Professor Robert Hockett who answered some questions and shared the reasoning behind why the House moved forward with the impeachment.

“The hope of either removing or tying the hands of Mr. Trump for the remaining days he is in office, which of course is counting down quickly. Of course the insurrection occurred a week ago when Mr. Trump still had two weeks left in office and I think there was actual serious concern that he might try more insurrectionary incitements of the kind that he apparently tried a week ago,” said Hockett.

Professor Hockett also shared why this impeachment is even more historic than you may think. “There’s an added charge which is quite extraordinary in our history, there’s just no precedent for it, where the claim is that the president incited an insurrection against the government of the United States and in that sense attempted a coup. Not only is an impeachment on that basis unprecedented, but even an accusation!”

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