ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The first round of dangerous winter weather this week is now over as snow showers calm down. However, a second round is coming as more ice likely forms on local roads.

By Wednesday afternoon, temperatures may reach the low 40’s across the Twin Tiers, causing snow to melt and runoff into the streets. According to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, that melting snow will refreeze and create slick and icy road conditions as temperatures drop below freezing again Wednesday night.

“As far as refreezing goes, obviously if temperatures fall below freezing late Wednesday night, any wet surfaces could freeze,” said Meteorologist Ben Lott. “That will also depend on how quickly the road temperatures change.”

According to Ben, some roads may warm up faster than others on Wednesday, which also means that some roads may freeze faster than others on Wednesday night. Bridges are likely to freeze faster due to the lack of a warm ground around them.

Ice can cause tires to lose traction with the road and therefore make the vehicle take a longer time to break. Small patches of black ice can also result in a loss of control with one tire losing traction and the other tires not losing traction.

With temperatures staying below freezing this weekend and into the start of next week, icy roads are very likely staying for a while. Residents are advised to slow down while driving and check for dark wet spots, a common sign for ice. Check out our 18 Storm Team for more information and updates on winter weather.