CORNING, N.Y. (WETM – TV) – The 38th Annual Wineglass Marathon showcased the very best of courage and strength.

There was no shortage of storylines of inspiration as to why people ran the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon and of course the spectators who stuck around to cheer on their family and friends.

The race is exemplary of triumph, determination, and grit.

Those traits were visibly on display across the face of half-marathon record-breaking winner Brian Reynolds as he made his way toward the finish line on Market Street.

Reynolds beams with pride as he crosses the finish line on Market Street, Corning.

A double amputee, Reynolds a New Jersey native, never gave up. Walking up and down the street with his shoulders back, and a wide smile across his face, he made it all look easy.

“I started off the day not feeling well,” said Reynolds. “Something clicked, I started rolling,” continued Reynolds.

And in the same fighting spirit, a powerful image of a woman and her child who race every year together was an eye-opening moment, among many others.

It’s the same camaraderie that marathon winners Alexander Burks and Laura Hagley had as they ran.

Half-marathon record-breaking winner Brian Reynolds gives a thumbs up after a stellar race.

For Burks, he wasn’t slated to do the full marathon, despite that, he entered the full 26.2-mile race and took home the title.

“I’ve been running a lot,” said Male Wineglass Marathon winner Alexander Burks. “I figured I had the base for it,” Burks continued.

“Everyone runs their best,” said Female Wineglass Marathon winner Laura Hagley. “It’s so much fun to be out there and celebrate,” Hagley continued.

Spectators who braved the rain and brisk fall air showed what family friends and tradition are all about what life is all about and that there is no limit or obstacle that stands in your way.

And as for Alexander Burks, he said this was his first marathon win.

He looks forward to the future of running.