HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) — Set the Sky to Music will be lighting up the area above the Arnot Mall Saturday night with an elaborate show of colors and animations.

This exceptional performance will be set to music on Wink 106 for a unique 10-minute-long show where 120 drones all work together to form images for everyone to enjoy from afar.

“It’s a very interesting alternative to fireworks,” said KC Sealock, drone pilot for Pixis Drones, “you can actually create designs and logos and messages, whereas fireworks, yes the explosions are fun, the fire is great and the booms are great, but this is a really good alternative to that,” he said.

Sealock said that all the drones are controlled using 3-D and 2-D maps to see where each drone is along a mapped-out grid. He runs a wide spectrum Wifi system to have all the drones connected, making the operation much easier.

There aren’t many challenges when it comes to putting on shows like these. Sealock has been piloting drones for around 10 years while putting on professional shows for around six years. The challenges he does face come in the form of weather. He explained how the wind can be a big factor in performing large shows with hundreds of drones. When winds pick up to around 20 mph they can start losing location. Rain is another factor that can halt a show as water and technology don’t go together all that well.

Pixis Drones is famous for its work with brands like the NBA, Nike, Discovery, and more, while putting on breathtaking shows across the country.

If you’re looking to attend Saturday’s show you can do so by going over to the Arnot Mall in Horseheads before sundown to check out the show in person.