ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — On Nov. 30, applications for American Rescue Plan grants came to a close for individuals and businesses. However, one local official wants to continue this program in the future.

Elmira received $14 million from the American Rescue Plan Act earlier this year and the city will receive another $14 million next year.

As a part of the $14 million, applications for businesses, non-profits, property rehab repair, and unreimbursed unpaid medical expenses were created for City of Elmira business owners and residents impacted by the pandemic. Businesses, property rehab repair, and non-profits were eligible for up to $5,000. Unreimbursed and unpaid COVID-19 related medical expenses had eligibility for up to $2,500.

However, these funds were quickly depleted as the applications were popular amongst residents.

Mike Collins, Elmira City Manager, said they plan to do this program again when they receive the second half of the American Rescue Plan monies in May 2022.

“As of right now, all the money has been allocated for the rehab program,” said Collins. “However, we do have the ability to move other monies around from other entities. So next week, we’re going to review and see where we are financially with the other categories. It is our intention to be able to move additional monies into the rehab program. In May, we’ll get another set of money coming in, over 14 million, and it will be our recommendation that we continue on with the rehab program.”