ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Over 130 students from Elmira College could be seen adorning purple shirts and filling Eldrige park with color as they worked to help clean the park Sunday afternoon.

The first-year students were tasked with a variety of jobs, such as cleaning up weeds on the mini golf course, cleaning/dusting the horses on the carousel, and just cleaning up and helping maintain the grounds of the park.

The clean-up is part of Elmira College’s Service Days where students obtain community engagement hours as part of a graduation requirement. Today’s Service Day was just for first-year students, giving them a chance to not only help out and see one of Elmira’s best and most historic landmarks but also gave them a chance to bond with other classmates.

“It’s nice because it’s set up for us,” said first-year student Tyler Spina when asked about doing the community engagement at the park. “We don’t have to take time out of our own day to plan or anything,” he said, “we just know that it’s here and is convenient for everybody,” he said.

The staff at the park were grateful for the assistance the students were providing as it helped not only pack up the summer materials but also gave the park a kickstart to its Halloween events next month.

“It’s a big help to us,” said Beth Clark, executive director of Eldridge Park. “We have a strong volunteer base, but what takes three to four volunteer days to close up, takes about half of a day with all these students here helping us,” Clark said.

It wasn’t just all work at the park, but some fun as well, after cleaning much of the carousel students were invited to give the famous carousel a ride before going back to work.