ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — In April 2022, the Elmira Police Department will be getting five new patrol vehicles in an effort for more consistency.

Anthony Alvernaz, police chief for the City of Elmira, expressed his concern during a council meeting on Oct. 7. He said officers must adjust to the various different patrol vehicles they currently operate. Alvernaz said if his officers are in a crossfire, he wants the weapons and equipment in the vehicles to be the same across the board. That is currently not the case.

“The goal is to make it a uniform piece of machinery that is the same,” said Alvernaz. “It is going to take [time], but we are piece-mealing it.”

The Elmira City council approved to the leasing of five new patrol vehicles for next year. There will also be a change in the style from black and white to black and blue.

Mike Collins, the Elmira City Manager, said many of the current vehicles are old, which poses other problems.

“Right now, we have some vehicles that have about 120,000 miles.” said Collins. “So, the repair of an older car certainly costs more than the repair of a new car, which typically would be covered under warranty.”

Collins said the city will be leasing these vehicles through the 2022 operating budget.

“In April, when the new vehicles arrive, a total of five, we’ll be spending about $68,000 from April to December,” said Collins. “So it is cost effective and it is very beneficial for the city.”