ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The ongoing feud between concerned residents and CDS Housing continues. The concern is over a proposal to build a new senior citizen assisted living facility next to the Maple Avenue Apartments.

CDS Housing, which owns Maple Avenue Apartments, wants to add more affordable senior housing. CDS Housing began the application process to add 50 more units on the backside of the current location.

Dozens of people showed up at an Elmira City Council meeting to voice their opinions. It was a mix of both people who are for the apartment complex and others who are not.

”The new housing project that CDS is requesting will not only create affordable housing for seniors with income, but it will also create housing opportunities for people who are homeless and likely to have little to no income,” explained a CDS representative.

”This program provides individuals with an opportunity to self-direct their services giving them the opportunity to live as independently as possible with the support of their provider team,” a representative of AIM Independent Living Center said. “The fact that our residents are frowned upon is upsetting. They have rights just like everyone else, many of them even work in the community.”

The proposal calls for another 50 unit complex on the site of former McNaught field, right across from Miller Pond. The owner says 15 out 50 units will be reserved for ‘supportive services’ for people under the age of 55.

Current neighbors say the goal of the project is not a problem, but the location is.

”We are just saying that this is not the right carrier for this project. This is a single family-owned occupied residential neighborhood,” said an Elmira resident. “It’s a very quiet area. There is very little traffic, and we all know our neighbors.”

“I would like to keep the neighborhood peaceful. I don’t want another building,” another resident expressed. “I don’t want it for the traffic. I don’t want it for the pollution. I don’t want it for the people.”

The next step for the proposal is a vote by the city of Elmira planning board. It is unclear when exactly that will take place.