SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WETM) – The Twin Tiers was greeted with abnormally dry conditions throughout this past July.

According to observation data by the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport, 1.54 inches of precipitation was recorded throughout July 2022. This is a drought compared to the amount recorded in July 2021, which was 7.14 inches.

Because of the dryness and the high pressure building into the region, the Twin Tiers also faced above average temperatures, with the average maximum temperature reaching 86.6 degrees. This July, 9 out of 31 days had high temperatures at least 90 degrees.

The combination of dry and hot weather has made things difficult for businesses, especially farmers. Dan Hurley of Bradley Farms says the farm’s crops have not reached the height he was expecting.

“If current conditions continue as they are with such an extreme lack of rainfall, we are going to see a diminish in returns,” said Dan. “This is just added insult because unfortunately they’re looking at maybe fifty percent or less in production.”

Other farmers this past month have noticed a similar problem in production. Because of this, customers may not always get what they hope for at Farmers’ Markets this year.

“It’s already been affecting us for at least a month now,” said Matthew Glenn, farmer for Muddy Fingers Farm. “We’ve been having to irrigate out of our pond. Just trying to keep things as wet as we can.”

One thing farmers can agree on and be grateful for is that there was not too much unnecessary water like last year. Too much water from too much rain can actually hurt the crops more than it can help.