COLUMBIA CROSS ROADS, Pa (WETM) – Homes in Columbia Cross Roads were destroyed by never before seen flooding in the area. The flooding had thrust giant rocks and boulders onto properties and through homes.

“In this area, I have never seen the power that the water had, as it did right here in this spot,” said Jim Jenkins, who has lived and owned a farm in Columbia Cross Roads for years.

Of the homes that were destroyed, one of them was owned by Ingrid and Scott Mahr. The couple had moved into their home for retirement, just one month ago, before it got demolished by the flooding on Monday. Nearby a small stream, the house had been standing strong for over forty years, and never once had it flooded like this.

“This is something we would have never expected,” said Scott Mahr.

There were rocks and boulders littering their property. The Mahr’s said there were no rocks even near the property before the flood.

The Mahr’s had barely even gotten the chance to meet their neighbors and community, having only lived there for one month. Yet, the day after the flood, the community showed up in numbers to help them out.

“On Tuesday, the day after this flooded out there were over 20 people on the property, and at least half of them I did not know…Total strangers dropping off 15-20 hoagies and a cooler full of sodas,” said Scott Mahr.

“I am so overwhelmed with how this community has helped us… It has been amazing,” added Ingrid Mahr.

Two of those people were Landon and his dad Jim Jenkins. Landon started his YouTube channel over a year ago during the pandemic, which has grown to 2000 subscribers. This past week Landon and his dad used his platform and went live for a Q&A on the flood, to raise money.

Landon raised $350 during his live stream and is donating it to families that suffered significant damage to their homes. He said he will continue to raise awareness about these flood victims.

Scott and Ingrid are currently just thankful that they are alive and no one was hurt. They currently have GoFundMe set up by their daughter if you would like to donate to their cause: