Flash Flooding: Showboat cleans up in the aftermath

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Seneca Lake, N.Y. (WETM) – You often hear about flood potential in poor drainage areas and this came to fruition in Seneca Lake on Saturday. The restaurant, bar, and motel named Showboat experienced flash flooding as a creek turned into a raging rapid and overtook the property. Sticks clogged a storm drain that the creek runs through and resulted in the creek overflowing its banks. Flood water engulfed the road, parking lots, cars, and impacted motel rooms. Three of the rooms are going to be unusable until the end of the year due to damage.

This event on Saturday was like no other says Mark Cronin who is the President of the MCNC properties who owns the Showboat. Cronin says “there was a lot of clogging in our creek that runs behind our restaurant and bar building. And since it was clogged at this end, it came between the house we rent out, it is a 3,000 square foot home. Luckily, it missed that but went between that home and that other rental unit that we rent out. At this point, three units are going to be shut down for the rest of the year.”

Cleanup began as the floodwaters receded. Most of the damage was exterior as the water stayed out of the restaurant and bar. Cronin says they are thankful for that since the interior was just renovated this past winter. Showboat still lacks water and air conditioning but they hope to have water by this weekend so they can open.

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