NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Last month, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) announced that he is running for governor of New York in 2022. With that announcement, several Republican leaders have endorsed Zeldin including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Assemblyman Chris Tague, and Saratoga County Republican Chairman Carl Zeilman.

On Tuesday, former Trump Secretary of State, CIA Director, and Congressman Mike Pompeo endorsed Zeldin, saying in a statement:

“Serving as Secretary of State, I’ve seen how weak leaders like Andrew Cuomo take advantage of people and of power. Cuomo has abused his office to pass punishing high taxes and erode public safety, and now New Yorkers are fleeing the state,” Pompeo said. “That’s why I’m supporting my good friend Lee Zeldin for Governor. Lee, like me, is a soldier and I’ve known Lee a long time. He’s a family man who will step up and defend New York against the radical left.”

On Wednesday, Dutchess County Republican Party Chairman Mike McCormack endorsed Zeldin, saying, “Zeldin has shown during his time in Congress he has what it takes to reverse Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous policies that continue to hurt our state. Lee will work to lower taxes, fight crime, and bring integrity to Albany as our next governor. He has my total support.”

Last Friday, Saratoga County Republican Chairman Carl Zeilman endorsed Congressman Lee Zeldin for governor saying:

“Saratoga County has been hurt by the radical liberal policies coming out of Albany, and hard working families up and down New York State have had enough.” Said Saratoga County Republican Party Chairman Carl Zeilman. “New Yorkers have a phenomenal opportunity in November 2022 to help turn our state around by electing Lee Zeldin as our next Governor. On day one Lee will restore law and order, start rebuilding our economy and begin to save our state.”

The following day, the Schenectady County Conservative Party also endorseD the Long Island representative. Chairman James Barrett said, “If we want to clean up our streets, and show our support for the men and women of law enforcement, New York needs a pro-law enforcement leader like Congressman Lee Zeldin.”

On May 3, Assemblyman Chris Tague, chairman of the Schoharie County Republican Committee, endorsed Zeldin as the next governor of New York, saying in a statement:

“New York needs a champion for working people and families now more than ever, and I am confident Lee Zeldin is the best person to defeat Andrew Cuomo and bring common sense back to Albany,” said Tague. “For years now, Andrew Cuomo has worsened our business climate, driven families and businesses out of the state, stood up for criminals and against law enforcement and public safety, and ignored our constitutional rights. Lee Zeldin will right the wrongs of the Cuomo administration and be an executive New Yorkers can trust to make the best decisions for everyday people, while doing so in a transparent and trustworthy way. I look forward to seeing him win the governorship in 2022, we need Lee Zeldin to help us save New York.”

On Tuesday, top sportsmen leaders endorsed Rep. Zeldin for governor, including: 

  • Tom King: President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSPRA)
  • John Cushman: President of the Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education and Director of the NYSPRA
  • Captain Joe Paradiso: President of the New York Sportfishing Federation
  • Jim D’Onofrio: Executive Director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance
  • John Mantione: Former President and Current Spokesman for the New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association 

“The Sportsmen’s community is millions strong in New York and we will have Lee Zeldin’s back in his campaign for Governor like never before,” they said upon endorsing. “Lee Zeldin has a proven record of standing with sportsmen across New York, whether it’s the hunting or fishing community or New Yorkers who exercise their Constitutional right to protect themselves and their families. For far too long, New Yorkers’ freedoms have been under attack. We need Lee Zeldin as New York’s next Governor to restore these freedoms and fight for the sportsmen’s community throughout our state.”

Zeldin has also picked up endorsements from Carl Paladino, the Richmond County (Staten Island) and Putnam County Republican Parties, and the Conservative Parties of Suffolk, Onondaga, Orange, Westchester, Erie, Madison, Orleans, Wayne, Nassau, Ontario, Broome, Genesee, Albany, Greene, Ulster, Saratoga, Schenectady, New York (Manhattan), Kings (Brooklyn), Bronx, and Queens Counties.