ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The summer months have now kicked in, and residents will have to take extra precautions before going out in the intense heat.

In the past few days, Twin Tiers residents had to endure a Memorial Day weekend of temperatures reaching near 90 degrees. The heat index also made the temperature feel a few degrees warmer than what it actually was.

Conditions can very likely be worse for those who have to work outside all day, including lifeguards and construction workers. If extra precautions are not met, heat-related illnesses can easily develop.

“There’s the classic heat-related illness, where you get dehydrated, really hot and tired,” said Jon Rittenberger, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Robert Packer Hospital. “You can have muscle cramps. You can have fatigue. That’s kind of a baseline sort of experience.”

Staying in the heat for too long without proper care can also lead to sunburns as well as heat strokes. Officials agree that this is a very dangerous situation for anyone to be in. Dylan Kellogg, Emergency Physician for Arnot Health, explains that exertional heat strokes can likely happen for those exercising and working outdoors.

“They’ve been sweating all day, their body gets overwhelmed, they may stop sweating at that point, but they are drenched in sweat from before,” said Dylan. “The key thing to be looking out for are those mental status changes. “Confusion, disorientation, passing out, trouble with balance or coordination, anything like that is a heat stroke until proven otherwise. If it’s a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 right away.”

Officials agree that finding shade and staying hydrated (water and drinks with electrolytes) are key for those who have to work outside in the intense heat. Thankfully, Twin Tiers residents can take a break this upcoming weekend as the forecast calls for dry conditions and highs only reaching the mid 70’s.