Hometown Hero banners come to Elmira Heights on Memorial Day

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ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. (WETM) — On May 31, the Village of Elmira Heights partnered with the Elmira Heights American Legion to bring the “Hometown Heroes” banner program to the village.

Orders are currently being taken for phase one of the program which started today and runs through Veteran’s Day 2024. The project began on the 14th Street business district and will expand to other streets as orders come in.

Margaret Smith, Elmira Height’s mayor, said she loves honoring our heroes on Memorial Day.

“Usually we have a big parade, but with the COVID situation this year it was canceled early on,” said Smith. “So we didn’t have the parade, but we were able to get the hometown hero banners ready and put up this week. Today is a really great day to be able to have a ceremony to honor the veterans and honor our heroes here and [across] all of Elmira Heights with the banner program.”

It is the first time the banner program has come to the village.

“We had 57 banners bought for the first round and more people are trying to get banners,” said Smith. “We will have a cutoff day in June. After that you can still order banners, but it will be for the next round which is next Memorial Day.”

For Smith, Memorial Day is always special.

“It means a lot to me,” said Smith. “I have a whole family history of [people in the] military. Starting with my great grandfather who was in the Civil War. One was in World War I. My father was in World War II and two brothers in the Vietnam War. So it is a very special day for me to honor my family and everyone else that gave their lives or served in the past, present, or give them hope for the future.”

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