As we head deeper into winter and with a looming snow storm heading our way midweek, many parents are left wondering how school districts will handle snow days in a year where nothing is normal. With remote learning in place as an option across many school districts in New York and Pennsylvania, will kids still get to experience snow days? 18 News spoke with the Bath Central School District Superintendent Joseph Rumsey to see how he is approaching this issue in the coming months.

“The state education department has given us the ability to pilot just using remote learning for normal snow days this year. However, Bath Central Schools, we have elected to stay with the traditional snow days until our allotment is exhausted. At that point we will shift to remote learning at that time,” said Rumsey.

Superintendent Rumsey also stated that he believes the hybrid learning would cause more stress than good on both the children and parents involved. He said he also wants to try to keep the normalcy and to not take away the joy from the kids when they get a snow day. Anything to keep the happiness alive during these challenging times.