ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The New York State budget continues to hang in the balance as the multi-billion dollar proposal awaits approval from the New York State Legislature.

The proposal put forth by Governor Kathy Hochul covers funding for clean energy, small businesses and tax relief among other things.

“Certainly when [Hochul] talked about tax relief and property tax relief, that’s always welcome and something we should always be looking to do,” Republican Assemblymember Philip Palmesano said.

If the $216-billion budget is approved, funding would begin in April, though it’s unclear how evenly finances would be distributed. Despite the unknowns, there is a clear path that outlines how the $31-billion dedicated for schools will be spent.

In regards to education, the Southern Tier can expect to receive just over four-percent of the budget, which is roughly one-percent more than last year.

Funding for infrastructure is also a significant part of the budget and could have a large impact on the Southern Tier.

“The proposal to increase the amount that counties receive for roads [and] bridges would be very, very welcome here,” Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler said. “[We have] the third largest road system in New York State and also the most amount of bridges of any county in New York State. Infrastructure funding for public works is monumentally important for us.”

Local leaders told 18 News they hope to receive money for more than just education and infrastructure.