CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – Hurricane Ian reached landfall as a Category 4 storm today, affecting millions of Florida residents. Thankfully, there are ways for Twin Tiers residents to help.

The Salvation Army, including the church in Corning, is now accepting donations to aid hurricane victims. These donations can include money, clothing, fabrics, and many other goods.

“You can go on the web, or you can donate by phone,” said Major John Stewart, Corning Salvation Army Officer. “You can send money directly to your local Salvation Army Unit.”

Donations can be made and sent to where ever disaster strikes the most in the tropics. This includes Florida, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Other organizations, like NYSEG, may help victims who are now trapped as it is too late for there to be more evacuation efforts. NYSEG has sent employees down in Florida in the past to restore power for Florida residents after major hurricane damage.

“They basically say now it’s too late to evacuate so if you haven’t done it at this point, it is almost too little, too late,” said Matthew Burr, Human Resources Consultant. “NYSEG and some of the power companies do send people down to help…with power outages and fix some of that.”

Hurricane Ian is predicted to move out of Florida by the end of the week, though remnants of the storm will likely move into the rest of the Southeast U.S. Dry weather may return to the state by next weekend.