Inmate Fight Occurs at Elmira Correctional Facility, Two Inmates Injured

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Elmira, NY (WETM)  – Two inmates sustained lacerations and puncture wounds during a fight at evening recreation in the gym yard. 

The incident occurred at approximately 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 2.  Officers assigned to the yard observed four inmates exchanging punches with one inmate.  The officers gave the inmates several direct orders to stop fighting.  The inmates eventually complied and stopped.  Four inmates got on the ground and one inmate placed his hands on the fence.  As staff were securing the inmates, one jumped from the ground and charged another who was also on the ground.  He began to kick the inmate and then dropped to the ground where he continued the assault by repeatedly punching him. 

As the situation began to escalate again chemical agents were discharged into the group.  The inmate who jumped off the ground continued his attack on the other inmate until an officer had to use force to stop the attack.   

Once the situation was brought under control, the five inmates were removed from the yard and brought to the facility infirmary.  The inmate who jumped off the ground sustained minor lacerations and puncture wounds that were consistent with a some type of a weapon.  The inmate he attacked on the ground sustained minor lacerations that were also consistent with a weapon.

Staff searched the immediate area where the fight occurred and recovered two plastic make-shift shanks that had been sharpened on one end.  The weapons were taken as evidence.

Two inmates were placed in a Special Housing Unit.  All five face internal disciplinary charges. 

One officer sustained minor injuries and was treated by medical staff and remained on duty. 

 “Once again we are addressing inmate violence at Elmira Correctional Facility.  Over the last six months there have been several incidents in which staff and inmates were injured.   Two plastic shanks were recovered from this incident on Tuesday and they could have easily been used against staff.    The disorder is a constant at Elmira and  is exactly why significant disciplinary measures need to exist to deter this type of behavior.  Without them,  it exposes staff and other inmates to potentially dangerous situations at the hands of inmates who realize there are no repercussions for violent behavior.“  – stated Joe Miano, Western Region Vice President. 

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