JASPER, N.Y. (WETM) – Back in August 2021, flooding caused by tropical depression Fred has greatly affected buildings across the Twin Tiers, including Jasper-Troupsburg Central School in Steuben County.

The devastating flood has brought not only inches of water into the school, but inches of mud and contaminants that had to be flushed out immediately. Much of the mud has hardened and left footprints in some of the classrooms.

The school is now undergoing a major restoration project courtesy of Servpro, which helped the community with bottled water and donations back in August. Floors, lockers, bathroom stalls, and other items attached to walls had to be removed due to various damages. Ceiling tiles also had to be removed for decontamination due to high levels of humidity.

“It pretty much affected one hundred percent of the school…the property itself,” said Connor Plonski, Senior Project Manager at Servpro. “Devastating for a school…not just a structural standpoint but the kids and the fact that everyone in the community had to go through this was a major undertaking.”

The budget to repair the building itself costs over 30 million dollars. According to superintendent LeeAnne Jordan, the school met the fifty percent cost requirement to have FEMA cover allowable expenses, despite not being in a major flooding zone.

“So right now, we are working with FEMA and FEMA will cover seventy five percent of allowable expenses,” said LeeAnne.

Jasper-Troupsburg students are currently relocated at the Canisteo-Greenwood Middle School until repairs are finished. Jordan and Facilities Director Lou Zver say the students are glad to be with each other through these tough times.

“I think we as a school generally have a lot of pride,” said Lou. “It would mean the world to have the district move forward in whatever capacity that is as far as the building goes.”

The School Board is hoping the project will be done as soon as 2024.