(WETM) — The Town and Country Fire Department has made notice of a new phone scam where scammers call victims trying to impersonate NYSEG workers.

According to the post made on the Town and Country Fire Department Facebook page, scammers have been making phone calls identifying themselves as NYSEG employees and threatening to turn off the victims’ electrical service in 30 minutes if they don’t switch to a new payment portal through a bank account.

The scammers are using high-pressure tactics to push victims into complying and handing over sensitive information and money.

NYSEG has confirmed that this is a scam and that anyone who receives a call like this, should confirm with NYSEG first before handing over any information.

The fire department pointed out, “In our area, there are very few, if any, smart meters. If NYSEG were to shut off your service they would have to physically come to your house and pull your meter.”