ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Local Hall of Fame boxer, Bonnie Mann, held a book signing event for the newly released book “Pulling Each Other Along” on April 8.

Mann, a Corning resident, is a three-time women’s boxing world champion, a member of the United States Marine Corps Boxing Hall of Fame, and a member of the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame.

The book “Pulling Each Other Along” features 31 inspirational stories of human kindness. It specifically focuses on how other people have made a difference in the authors’ lives. One of those authors is Bonnie Mann.

In her chapter, titled Team Queen B, she pays homage to those who “pulled her along” to help her achieve greatness. Bonnie says the community support has been amazing.

“I was just telling one of my co-workers that I honestly did not expect this many people to be coming,” said Mann. “I expected a good turnout, but it was just one person after the other. So it has gone really well.”

When asked what she wants people to get out of reading her chapter she said:

I want to impart some kind of impact in their life. I want to show them that no matter what hand is dealt to you, if you just keep pushing forward, believe in yourself, seek out help, or talk to someone, you can get through anything.

Bonnie Mann, Author of chapter “Team Queen B” and Hall of Fame boxer

Doug Cornfield, a co-author of the book, was also in attendance. Cornfield is also the director of Disability, Dream, and Do (D3Day) sports camps created in partnership with Dave Clark. Clark, a Corning native, was the first-ever pro player to play with polio.

Cornfield only requested one thing as people bought the book: paying it forward. Cornfield asked people to share a card with someone in their life who has helped them. One man who he met at the mall followed through on his request.

Along with the purchase of “Pulling Each Other Along”, Cornfield handed out these cards.

“He told me that he reached out to a teacher to tell him how he pulled him along,” said Cornfield. “This teacher has been long retired. Sadly, he said, ‘You are the first person that has told me that.’ If there is a teacher, somebody in your church, whatever the situation is, let them know.”

For those interested in purchasing the book, it is available now here for $24.95. It will also be available on Amazon around May 14.