ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Matthew Burr, owner of Burr Consulting L.L.C. and business professor at Elmira College, announced that he is “strongly considering” running for the open Congressional seat in 2022.

While not official yet, Burr reached out to 18 News and said that he is “giving serious consideration to running in 2022”.

He said that “all options are on the table” at this point in time.

“I see the Republican establishment is very mediocre in this area from federal, local, and state government,” said Burr. “It is time for us to get some change. Somebody that is aggressive in their approach. [Someone] that is not politically correct.”

Burr said not having a political background gives him an advantage.

“I’m a business person,” said Burr. “I see an opportunity to go in and do some good work potentially in D.C. for this area.”

The idea of running for Congress is not new for him.

“I see the mess we have in D.C. and I’ve been thinking about it for the last three to four years,” said Burr. “I recognize that people like me need to get involved in politics. [People] that don’t take a politically correct on anything and are willing to go in and shake it up a bit.”

With Congressman Tom Reed bowing out, Burr sees this as the right time.

“I had considered running against him anyway in the primary,” said Burr. “But now it is an open market. I’m not 100% in the race yet, but it is something I’m considering strongly.”

Burr said his campaign will revolve around change.

“It’s about accepting the establishment is very weak in this area and frankly very weak across the country,” said Burr. “We need change locally, at the state level, and nationally. I feel like I’m built for something like this and I’m the right person to come in and help drive some of that change.”

He said he will continue with his day jobs.

“Well I’m going to steal a line from Nancy Pelosi, ‘I can walk and chew gum at the same time,’ so I am assuming I would continue to run both of my businesses and teach full-time while campaigning,” said Burr.

Burr gives credit to his roots.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without the people in this area,” said Burr. “From teaching to running a business… I feel like I owe this area everything I have accomplished in my life. We need change and I want to be, potentially, the voice of the people at this point and make sure that we are represented.”

If Burr does run, he is confident he will win.

“I can guarantee one thing,” said Burr. “If I do decide to run, I will win. There is no doubt about it.”