Local law enforcement agencies address the recent uptick in gun violence

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ELMIRA, N.Y.- (WETM)-The city of Elmira is mirroring the national uptick in gun violence.

“Cars are getting shot up, houses are getting shot at,” said Lt. William Solt of the Elmira Police Department.

Gun violence is something we’re seeing getting progressively worse.

According to Lt. William Solt, the city of Elmira saw at least 18 different reports of shootings so far this year.

“15 of these had been confirmed shootings. We’ve also had four homicides, one just being less than a week ago,” said Lt. Solt.

The cause of this uptick is up in the air.

“A lot of different things go into this. Drug-related, sometimes it’s over associates of theirs, (or) revenge. There’s a lot of different ties to different things,” said Lt. Solt.

Chemung County Sheriff Bill Schrom says bail reform has a huge impact on the crime in our area.

“People see that there’s no accountability for their actions. The worst thing that’s going to happen, I might get rearrested, I might be given another ticket, I might be given another warrant out against me, but I’m going to have time to turn myself in,” said Sheriff Schrom.

One thing they say would help is the impact detail with the CCSO and NYSP through the cops grant to help try and deter violence.

“Really what that did is it gave us a nice pool of money just under $100,000, that we can utilize for all the area agencies to work collaboratively to identify these high crime areas target certain locations. It can be from hotel interdiction for drug and sex trafficking, to address some of the issues that are going on in the city with the violent crimes the shootings, and the homicides,” said Sheriff Schrom.

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