ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Peyton Green is a 6th grader at Troy Intermediate School. He loves playing sports such as baseball and football and is surprisingly good at video games for an 11 year old. Recently, Peyton got a little bit of social media stardom.

Peyton’s mom, Misty, posted a video on TikTok less than 2 weeks ago. The video was Peyton’s reaction to a prank his elves pulled on him around Christmas time. They left a letter that Peyton was seen reading in the video.

10 days later and the video has over 300 thousand views and 13 thousand likes. But, Misty soon realized something disturbing in the comments.

“The amount of people bashing an 11-year-old kid online was crazy,” Misty said. “They were saying things about his speech, saying he needs to go back to school, and that I needed to buy him books.”

Peyton suffers from a speech impediment. But, what many don’t know, is that Peyton actually excels in school. His teacher love him and he was even given an academic excellence award in math.

I asked Peyton how he felt reading some of the things people were saying about him online.

“Disappointed,” Peyton said. “Disappointed that these are grown people just judging a kid.”

TikTok has been the most downloaded app from the App Store since 2019. While the social media application gives all generations something to relate to, the bullying is almost unescapable. Misty is asking those who use the app to be more kind and remember, you don’t always know the truth about someone.

“You really put something in someone’s head when you say these things online,” Misty said. “You make them think that something is wrong with them or that they aren’t the person they should be. Just ask questions.”

“Never judge someone on how they look or how they sound,” Peyton said. “Never judge a book by it’s cover.”