HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – Local supermarkets are straining to fill the shelves of some frozen foods Lunchables and, other drink and snack products.

With national brands struggling to produce frozen fries hamburgers and hotdogs, it’s caused local stores to rely on private brands and store brand products to fill the spaces of the shelves.

“We must choose stores they pull from different warehouses so we can share products. We’ve just found another meat supply around that we’re working with now. It’s just a matter of maneuvering between the suppliers that you have to keep yourself in business and keep the products in stock that customers are looking for,” said David Marks, Owner, of Jubilee Foods and Save-A-Lot

Marks shared that since the pandemic started, they’ve swapped out products between the two stores for all customers to purchase the groceries they need to feed their families.

As the pandemic continues, Jubilee foods and Save-A-Lot will focus on larger orders to get around the food shortage in their stores.

You can expect more private food brands stocked on the shelves in the coming months to fill the void of the items missing out of the aisles from national brands.