Local teacher remembers being in the classroom on 9/11

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HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – September 11, 2001, is a day no one will forget. The tragedy that shook the country.

Jamy Brice-Hyde is a teacher at Horseheads Central School District and she tells her story about being in her classroom when the towers collapsed.

“I told them it appears there has been a plane crash in New York City, and sitting there I begin to say to them, you know, we’re gonna turn the TV off in a minute and we’ll check-in at the end of the class to see if we can get any more information,” Hyde said.

As a U.S. History teacher she along with her students were witnessing history live on T.V.

“So as soon as I was done saying that, because you’re watching it on TV, I have my back to the TV because I’m talking to the kids and all of a sudden my kids go like this and I turn around and a second plane had crashed into the second tower.”

It was a moment she will never forget along with those students who were in the classroom with her. Today, many of her students were not born yet and have learned about 9/11 in their history books.

“I saved the newspaper from the day after and I have a whole class set, and I share these with the kids, you see the kids today, they weren’t even alive, many weren’t alive and I have a copy of this extra addition that came out that day,” Hyde said.

Witnessing history first-hand making her experience even more important to share with her students. Hyde uses old newspapers and news reports from first-hand reporting of that day.

“We actually use the news reporting from, you know, all the different news media that reported that day to show the kids what happened,” Hyde said. “So they actually go through the day of my lesson live stream just like my students did who actually lives with, to this day, not only.”

Even 19 years later Hyde says one of the most important things she takes away from that horrific day is “freedom isn’t free, and we live in one of the greatest countries on the planet.”

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