BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WETM) – The National Safe Boating Council has declared May 21st to May 27th as National Safe Boating Week.

During this observance week, boaters across the United States are reminded to brush up on their boat safety skills while preparing for boat season this summer. Every day throughout the week, the National Safe Boating Council posts a message relating to boat safety, all of which guarantee a more responsible boating experience.

For example, Monday, May 23rd’s message explains how the environment can affect a boater out in the open water. According to an infographic made by the National Safe Boating Council, environmental stressors, such as overexposure to the sun, can weaken the body and mind enough to increase the risk of an accident.

The National Weather Service has partnered with the Boating Council to help promote safe boating practices. Knowing the weather ahead of time is another important boating safety tip.

“You could be out there on a boat and it can get very hot,” said David Nicosia, Meteorologist-In-Charge for the National Weather Service in Binghamton. “The water in some areas, especially early in the season, is really cold. People swim and they can get hypothermia.”

To get the forecast while out in the water, officials at the National Weather Service recommend that boaters take a radio and tune in to the local weather station. In addition, boating enthusiasts are encouraged to share a post on social media with a safety tip each day of National Safe Boating Week.