BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – We all picked up hobbies during the pandemic, but for one family, their hobby is a little different.

In 2020, the Seager family found themselves bored, as most of us did under lockdown. The family decided to go on walks around their community in Bath, N.Y.

Upon doing so, the young kids quickly realized how much trash was on the sidewalks and in the road. The next time they went on a walk, the children asked their parents if they could bring trash bags to clean up some of the garbage.

“We were walking past the same trash every day,” explained 12-year-old Reagan Adams. “There was just so much garbage on the roads.”

It became the family hobby! They would frequently go out on walks and continue to clean up the community while doing so.

The father would help out cleaning often as well.

“Justin Seagar was my absolute best friend,” said Mother Baili Haighte. “He made every moment fun, even if we were picking up trash.”

In 2021, Justin Seagar passed away.

The family took a brief pause from cleaning up the trash in order to grieve. But then they remembered, their father always told them to be superheroes.

“We started doing this again this year in honor of our dad,” said Reagan. “He always told us to be superheroes, and this is our way of being superheroes.”

While spending time picking up trash may not seem ideal, for these group of kids, it is! They have already cleaned up several streets in the town of Bath and make sure they do so safely under the supervision of Baili.

The family brings gloves, hand sanitizer, trash pickers, and always ask for permission before they pick up anything questionable.

While so far, the family has stuck to just cleaning around Bath, they’re hoping to expand to all different parts of the Twin Tiers.

“We want to plan an event right before school starts because our school district is so big,” said Baili. “I also definitely want to hear from other moms and other towns that want their own little branch of this.”

If you would like to join the 607 kids, you can contact Baili on the 607 kids Facebook page. If you would like to donate to help the kids get more supplies you can do so here.