ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Over two million students are expected to graduate college in 2022. Over half of them will leave thousands of dollars in debt.

Unlike previous graduates, this years class is not included in the pandemic-driven pause on federal student loan payments, which is set to expire Aug. 3. That’s just weeks before the start of early voting in states across the country — something economists say Democrats will use to their advantage.

“They’re gonna continue to use COVID-19 as an excuse until November, they’re gonna lie again and they’re gonna try to take House and Senate seats based on the promise of student loan forgiveness,” Financial Consultant Matthew Burr said. “Then, they’re not gonna forgive anything.”

President Joe Biden said he does not plan to wipe out student loan debt for every borrower, but acknowledged that some students could see relief. Biden vowed to cancel $10-thousand in student loan debt when he was campaigning for the presidency in March of 2020.

An announcement regarding student loans is expected from the Biden Administration in the coming weeks.