(WETM) – From toilet paper to milk, supermarkets across the United States have dealt with several shortages over the past couple years. Now with current issues like skyrocketing fuel prices, those shortages will likely not go away soon.

Some markets in the Twin Tiers are already feeling the pain. David Marks of Jubilee Foods Supermarket is still facing supply chain issues with a number of products.

“I know the cat food is still a problem, and it’s gonna be a problem for a while,” said David. “We’re also running into issues on orange juices, but really, the biggest concern we have is prices going up on the beef and stuff.”

Other supermarket owners nationwide mention a potential shortage on other goods this year, including dairy and eggs. Expensive crops, high transportation costs, shortages of packing materials, and government regulation may cause supply chain issues with commercial dairy and egg production.

The shortages are not just limited to supermarkets. Large retail corporations, such as Wal-Mart, have also noticed a shortage in essential products like tissue boxes.

The rise in fuel prices also plays a role in these nationwide shortages. Expensive diesel fuel is making it harder to find enough drivers to bring enough products to stores across the country.

In addition to fuel prices, labor shortages also pose a problem for stores. Not only is it harder to get shipments done within the country, but outside of the country as well. Other nations like China are now facing more concerns with the Coronavirus, making it harder to get enough workers to ship products overseas.

Time will only tell if your favorite items are gone from the shelves. Be sure to make it to the store quickly before they disappear!