COVID vaccines are being distributed as phase one of five is already underway. Many New Yorkers are wondering when it could be their turn to roll up their sleeves for the immunization. New York State has launched a new “Am I Eligible?” app to help residents across the state determine if and where they could get their vaccine. Today 18 News decided to put it to the test and explore the app.

First you launch the “Am I Eligible?” app, which you can find online. Selecting “Get Started” will take you to a page where you will put in your personal information about who you are and where you live. the next step will be to answer a couple of yes or no questions which is what determines your eligibility. Now, if you answer the questions and do qualify you will be given the option to find locations to get the vaccine. Finally it will give you a list of these locations closest to the address you provided earlier on in the assessment and give you the option to make an appointment.

More priority groups will be able to be receive the vaccine in coming months during phases two through five but there is no word on when that will happen. For healthy adults, you will have to wait until the fifth and final phase to be vaccinated.