(WETM)- It’s Christmas Eve and Santa Claus has a big job today, delivering presents to all the good boys and girls around the globe.

Air Defense of North America has to keep watch to make sure our airways are safe 24/7 365 days a year, especially on Christmas Eve as Santa navigates the skies, to make sure he stays safe.

When asked, how does it work?
Brigadier General William D. Betts explained,

“It’s our business to track everything that flies in the sky over North America and today, right we just happen to have a very important track and that’s and that Santa. We don’t have a tracker on his sleigh. But it’s kind of our business to track all the objects in the sky over North America and to an extent around the globe. So, that it’s kind of first with infrared satellites that see a heat signature, and Rudolph’s nose gives off a pretty significant heat signature so we can get a rough cut of where Santa is based, off of that and then we can refine that as he approaches North American airspace.”

Here at 18 News, our very own Rich Tanner is an official NORAD Santa tracker. But, you don’t have to be official to track Santa’s sleigh too! We have the Santa Tracker right here on MyTwinTiers.com where we got a fantastic 3D depiction of where Santa is at any moment and if you call 1-877-HINORAD then you can talk to someone who’s looking at a scope and tracking Santa!

Santa Tracker 300 x 250