DRESDEN, N.Y. – A New York Supreme Court Judge, will not prevent Greenidge Generation’s expansion of its crypto mining operation on Seneca Lake.

Judge Daniel J. Doyle, of Yates County, ruled against 33 petitioners including The Sierra Club and Seneca Lake Guardian, denying the requests by numerous environmental groups to disallow expansion of the facility.  

Petitioners had sued the Town of Torrey for failure to properly follow State Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA) requirements when the Town approved Greenridge Generation LLC’s application to build new buildings to house its expanded Bitcoin mining operation. 

Justice Doyle dismissed the petition, noting, “Greenidge acted in good faith after receiving all the necessary approvals to begin construction on the project.”

On March 31st, the NY Department of Environmental Conservation punted the deadline to renew or deny Greenidge Generation’s permit that would decide whether the plant stays open or not, until June 30th.

“The ruling, which does not reject the merits of the case, combined with Governor Hochul’s repeated failure to make a decision on Greenidge’s air permits, is a green light to continue wreaking havoc on the environment,” said Joseph Campbell, the president of Seneca Lake Guardian.

In the ruling, the Judge also said Greenidge’s ongoing construction, “would not impact the air or water of Seneca Lake,” noting the petition lacked merit.

This is the fifth consecutive legal action regarding Greenidge’s facility in Dresden, NY decided in favor of Greenidge.