Odessa trying to fix their water pipes from 1938

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ODESSA, N.Y. (WETM) – For the residents of Odessa, water discoloration has been an issue for years.

Matthew Kelly and his family moved to the village in 2013 and has had issues with their water since then. Problems from the color to the smell. Matthew said the smell is gone but he has noticed the high iron content being a problem when it came his dishes and clothing.

Kelly has even reached out to state officials including U.S. Representative Tom Reed, and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano.

Kelly and other residents all agree with Odessa officials that the water pipes need fixed. In April 2018, Gerard Messmer was appointed Mayor and has made it his top priority to fix the water issue.

The water pipes were installed in 1938. The technology then was iron pipes with concrete lining and from the wear and tear over the years the cement lining has come off the pipes.

The water is tested 365 days a year and meets the Department of Health Standards so it is safe to drink but the color has called some damage to clothing, washers, dryers, dish washers, and water heaters.

To help fix this problem Odessa teamed up with JHA Engineers.

JHA was brought in to evaluate Odessa’s water system and assist the village with attaining grant funding. This month Odessa submitted a USDA Environment Program grant called the Waste Water Pre-development Grant worth about $40,000.

“That money will help pay for The entire water system as a whole from source to distribution, to storage and all attributes in between consisting of water quality, pressures, flows and the overall need of the system,” lead engineer, Travis Long said. “And making sure future plans meet those needs and anticipated needs and regulations.”

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