BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – District Attorney Brookes Baker and other local officials held a news conference September 5 to share new details about the ongoing 62 count indictment against four suspects, better known as Operation Clean Soak.

Adam Hosmer, John Janellie, Devin Twist and Maurice Lake were all arrested last month in connection with the operation. They’re charged with breaking into a number of homes, camps, storage units and stealing cars and ATM’s. The crimes happened in Yates County, Steuben county, Ontario County and Seneca County, New York and in Pennsylvania.

“We had a criminal enterprise operating here. The individuals (mr. Hosmer, Janellie, Twist and Lake are accused of operating together to commit these crimes for the purposes of gaining, obviously money, but also to bring drugs into the community by trading stolen property for them. So, it’s a unique and difficult kind of case to prosecute. Most of these are witnessless crimes. So, putting this together included some of the most cutting edge legal technology. We have DNA in this case. We have cell phone evidence. We have evidence that involves and deals with geolocation,” said Baker.

The New York State Police, the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, The Yates County Sheriff’s Office, Seneca Falls Police Department and Pennsylvania State Police in Mansfield all assisted in the investigation.

18 News asked Mr. Baker if more suspects were still on the streets. He noted the district attorney’s office knows there are more suspects out there, but they’re confident they’ve found the central hub of the organization.