HARRISBURG, PA (WETM) — Following New York State legislators call for an investigation into nursing home deaths, Pennsylvania GOP members are requesting an investigation into Governor Tom Wolf’s policies that sent COVID-19 positive residents, back into nursing and personal home care facilities.

Pennsylvania Congressman, Fred Keller, among other Pa Congressman such as Mike Kelly, Daniel Meuser, and others calling on Attorney General, Josh Shapiro to investigate the nursing home crisis.

Congressman Keller told 18 News, Republican committee members requested an investigation back in 2020.

“We’re just trying to make sure that the information is in public so that we can take a look at it so we can see what happened,” Congressman Keller said. “We can make sure, first and foremost, make sure that Pennsylvanians and particularly those that are most vulnerable, our senior citizens. You know, so we don’t have another issue where it endangers their lives.”

In the letter sent to AG Shapiro, according to the “PA DOH indicates more than half of the COVID-19 related deaths in Pennsylvania have been attributable to nursing and personal home care populations.” Over 12 thousand deaths have been reported at long-term care facilities out of the 23,413 deaths.

Congressman Keller said they have not received any information from the AG regarding an investigation.

“We need to see the information,” Congressman Keller said. “If the Attorney General is doing an investigation like he told us, was last summer, share the information with us and, why wouldn’t you want to, to make sure that if we need to take a look at policies, we need to take a look at what we can do to keep Pennsylvania and safe. The best thing to do is have all the information of what happened during this pandemic and we haven’t seen that yet.”

Full Letter:

18 News reached out to Gov. Wolf for his response to this letter but did not hear back.