LIBERTY TWP, Pa. (WETM) — A Pennsylvania man was arrested last month after police say he stole a truck from a home in Tioga County that had a loaded gun inside.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, 50-year-old Keith Attica of Philadelphia was arrested in August following a traffic stop of a stolen vehicle.

Police accuse Attica of entering a victim’s garage on Route 414 in Liberty Twp, opening the door to an unlocked truck, and driving off with it, telling police that, that was his ride home to Philadelphia.

Police say that inside the truck compartments contained a loaded handgun that Attica had found and kept with him on the passenger seat.

Attica was eventually pulled over by the Hughesville Police Department for a traffic violation at a gas station and was arrested. After his arrest, Attica was taken to the Tioga County Prison.

The truck and all of the items inside were given back to the owner.