ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM)- America is facing a healthcare crisis of unprecedented dimension, with several factors contributing to the impending worker shortage.

Many healthcare workers may be underpaid and lack health insurance and paid sick leave. The pandemic is putting additional pressure on a workforce already in crisis suffering from shortages, especially in hard-hit states, such as New York.

Board members of the Professional Nurses of the Twin Tiers (PNTT) say that the healthcare worker shortage started way before the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re interested in just encouraging those young people who are just in almost their last year of school to still consider nursing as a profession,” said Nykole Parks, board member of the PNTT.

“I hope that we continue to grow as a profession and that we can mentor the up and coming,” said Kathy Sager, board member of the PNTT.

The focus of PNTT is education, collegiality, and networking with colleagues from the many disciplines in nursing.

To combat the healthcare work shortage, PNTT plan on continuing to educate aspiring nurses and help them navigate their way through the healthcare industry.

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