ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — With today marking the 50th anniversary of the Flood of 1972, we as a community remember the historical events in many different ways.

One way of remembrance is through community art programs in the form of murals that are scattered around the city.

In August of 2021, New York artist, Sam SOMO Somostrada, completed two majestic public art murals in collaboration with Community Arts of Elmira’s Elmira Infinite Canvas and the City of Elmira through Councilperson Brent Stermer.

The murals were done as an homage to the Flood of 1972, titled Orange House and Rooftop, the murals greet visitors as they enter the Lackawanna Rail Trail at the E. Water Street access in Elmira.

Somostrada’s artwork acknowledges the devastation of the ’72 Flood while celebrating the resilience of the community that survived and rebuilt with hope.