ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – After one of two Elmira City Constables, Deke Mcgrady, resigned due to family health reasons, Mike Seifert was appointed by Mayor Dan Mandell, replacing Mcgrady.

“As a council, by our charter, we have to appoint a vacancy. We have an obligation to do that,” said Daniel Mandell, City of Elmira, Mayor.

After agreeing to the position, in March, the city council ‘unanimously’ voted in April to confirm the nomination.

Logan- Lattimore, now an independent candidate for the special race for constable, alleges that she didn’t receive the email about this special meeting until closer to the time, which breaks some of the committee’s bylaws.

Dora Leland, the Chair of Chemung County Democratic Committee says Logan-Lattimore’s allegations are false.

“The only timeline the committee was bound to follow was to hold that election within 30 days of the primary,” said Leland.

Dora Leland, on behalf of The Chemung County Democratic Committee, released this statement:

The Chemung County Democratic Committee stands in strong support of the endorsed candidate for Elmira City Constable, Mike Seifert. He was duly nominated by the Elmira City Committee to be on the ballot representing the Democratic Party. Mr. Seifert is a well known and respected member of our community. His opponent, Tanisha Logan-Lattimore, who is currently on a leave of absence from the Chemung County Democratic Committee, chose to run on her own independent party line after failing to secure a nomination from our county party city committee. 
Allegations being made that Mr. Seifert”s initial appointment to a constable vacancy this spring is somehow unjust or without a fair process are simply false.  Mr. Seifert was appointed by Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell (R) according to city charter rules. He received unanimous approval from the city council for the appointment. There has been no attempt to hide this information from the public. In fact, Mr. Seifert’s appointment in April is a matter of public record in Elmira City Council minutes. Proper procedures were followed every step of the way, and any effort to suggest otherwise is simply untrue. The Chemung County Democratic Committee’s mission is to be open, inclusive, and accessible to all individuals who share the Democratic foundation of beliefs. We strive to recruit and support qualified, ethical candidates for all elective offices. We stand by Mike Seifert in his run for Elmira City Constable as well as our other endorsed candidates in 2020.

Dora Leland

Logan-Lattimore still continues to pursue her goal of becoming Elmira City Constable in hopes that she can make a difference and take care of her family.

“I’m not trying to hurt anybody. I’m not trying to embarrass anybody. I’m the one that feels embarrassed. I feel like I’m on an island by myself,” said Tanisha Logan-Lattimore.