It is the first day back to school for most students in Chemung County. As excited children head back into the classrooms, it’s important to make sure they’re doing so in a safe matter. Every day, drivers can help the young ones stay safe by paying close attention to specific speed limits that are posted in school zones.

Local police are reminding the public about the return of school zone speed limits with the start of the new school year. Using their radars, they are keeping a close eye out for those who are speeding.

A ticket for speeding in a school zone in New York costs between $45 and $1,200. This is all depending on the speed, day of the week, and time of day. Deputy Collin Holloway says that being aware of your surroundings while school is in session can not only save you from a ticket but save a life.

“We have school speed zones that have special and usually slower speeds than normal city traffic to allow for people to have more of a reaction time when they are driving.”

Taking a few extra steps of precaution this school year will benefit both the children returning back to school as well as your wallet.