Horseheads, N.Y. (WETM) – Governor Cuomo announcing Friday that schools across New York can now go back in the fall.

One former Horseheads Central School District parent says she doesn’t want to risk their children’s education.

“One of my kids, in particular, was so behind just because it didn’t work for him because of the learning modality and so this year we decided to home school,” said parent Kirsten Walton.

School districts all across the southern tier are not only making changes to their structure, but also adhering to CDC guidelines, but some parents say that isn’t enough to keep their kids in school.

“We loved going to Horseheads Central School District, they were really good for us, but with the current state of things, we’re going to step back,” said Walton.

With a significant increase in the desire to home school, there’s a new Facebook page called ‘Southern Tier New Homeschoolers’.

This group of parents banding together to support each other in their homeschooling journey.

“For us, it’s an opportunity to work with our kids directly and have more influence on both their education and values, but it’s also a lot of time.”

“I hope that home school will be really great and this year I wasn’t happy about it because of the COVID-19 because I had to do online learning from home which was hard for me to do,” said Brayden Walton, Kiersten’s son.

The Walton family starts homeschooling this upcoming Monday and they say that it will be a learning curve for the entire family, but they are excited.