SAYRE, P.A. (WETM) – A stand-up comedy show is returning to the Sayre theater this Friday and Saturday. The stand-up show is inspired by a podcast that one of the hosts started back in 2019.

Jason Gowen spent all of his time during the coronavirus pandemic inside. His wife suffered a stroke back in 2019 only 6 days after their twin sons were born. Gowen, who just earned the title of father, needed an outlet to express becoming a new parent.

Gowen decided to start a podcast titled, “Dadpocalypse”. He would often feature guests on his show where they would talk about experiences, they were having with raising their children. One of the guests he featured was Jamie Kaler. Kaler also had a podcast show titled, “The DadLands”. After meeting for the first time on Gowen’s show, the two clicked in a way Gowen had never experienced before.

They decided to merge their two podcasts and “The Parent Lounge” was born. The podcast now features celebrity guests every week. On Tuesdays, the show airs live where viewers can interact with the hosts and the celebrities. New episodes are also published every Monday and Thursday and are available on all podcast streaming platforms.

This Friday and Saturday Jason, Jamie, and Kate Mulligan will have a stand-up comedy show at the Sayre Theater located in Sayre, Pennsylvania. The pre-show begins at 6:15 PM and the actual show begins at 7 PM.

“It’s going to be such a fun night, number one without your kids and number two to just kick back and relax,” Gowen said. “It’s a great escape from your life for a night.”

You can buy tickets online before the show begins or purchase tickets at the Sayre Theater box office. You can also keep up with the podcast on their website and social media platforms.