Taking extra precautions against ticks: Living with Lyme

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(WSYR-TV) — It’s the first time Kristin Crossland and her crew are going camping at Green Lakes since she was diagnosed with Lyme disease two years ago.

“I would say that I definitely have limited, a little bit of phobia because once you’ve been in pain, you start to feel like, you know, maybe I shouldn’t go camping,” she said.

Kristin never had a welt on her arm or any visible symptoms, mostly body aches and pains.

It was a different story for her partner, Matt, who also has Lyme disease. He did find a tick and a welt though.

Both are being extra careful in the woods this weekend and have a special bug spray from their doctors and are checking for ticks often.

“Look for any type of little black spot, make sure it’s not a tick … they’re very small,” Matt Liberty said.

The rest of their group is learning from the couple and also taking extra safety precautions.

“It has made me change how I look at ticks and how careful we are,” said AJ Johnson.

And if you do see a tick, don’t ignore it.

“If I would have gotten my antibiotics right away, I may not have been, I’m really considered a chronic Lyme person now and you know I’m on two years and I’m still getting treatments,” Kristin said. “You still don’t want to limit your lifestyle. There’s a lot of beauty out there, but you know, just be prepared.”

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