The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Happy Stage 2, Baby Beckett goes viral, New rules at Tokyo Disney, and do you have a bump on the roof of your mouth?

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – In this week’s segment of The Buzz with Scott and Ally, The Twin Tiers is finally in stage two, baby Beckett goes viral with his infectious laugh, Disney in Tokyo makes some bizarre rules for their re-opening, and do you have a bump on the roof of your mouth?

Scott and Ally wish everyone a happy a happy stage two. Things are finally starting to re-open. Working mom’s are probably the most relived since they are the most likely to be interrupted while working from home.

Someone here right in the Twin Tiers has gone viral. Baby Beckett’s video of his infectious laugh has gotten national recognition. You can here that adorable laugh in the video of the Buzz. Too cute!

Disney in Florida is re-opening in July and the Disney in Tokyo is also reopening but they have one rule that might be next to impossible to follow. They have the obvious ones, temp checks, wear a face masks and you have to have a special hat while in the part but the last one is no yelling on their roller coasters.

When you open your mouth do you have a bump on the roof of your mouth? Just check with your tongue and it doesn’t hurt if you have one or not. Scott and Ally both said they don’t have one but to check yours!

Check out the Buzz web feature as Ally tells you how to get out of a speeding ticket!

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