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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – In this week’s episode of the Buzz with Scott and Ally they discuss Wine and Cheez-Its, aches, and pains during the Coronavirus, Ally’s neighbor with a Rooma lawnmower and a Senior Living home in Texas making beer.

Some call it the perfect combo, wine and cheese well how about wine and Cheez its? If you head to the Orginal House Wine website you can order a combo box with each inside then get it delivered to your house.

If you have been feeling aches and pain lately, well you aren’t alone. After a survey, 25% said since the Coronavirus pandemic started they have felt more aches and pains. Scott and Ally said it could be from sitting too much during the quarantine.

Next, Ally said she read ambition is supposed to peak at 33. Scott chimed in laughing saying it’s a good thing because he still has five years left of ambition while Ally said hers peaked at 26 with a smile.

Ally’s neighbor has found a unique way of mowing his lawn. Her neighbor has a Rooma lawn mower which is usually a vacuum cleaner for inside the house.

There is a Senior Living Center in Texas that is brewing their own beer. After making the beer, now they are looking for someone to sell the beer. Scott and Ally discussed some possible names for the beer.

In this weeks web extra, Ally shows you some of the best grilling hacks and why is there a dog on the roof?

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